How Many Stamps Do I Need?

How many stamps do i need to send a letter? Have you been trying to use stamps when posting a letter or package? Knowing exactly how many stamps do I need for a mail can be quite confusing.

Well, it depends on three main factors –

  1. Size of your mail
  2. Weight of your mail
  3. The class of your mail

With these factors on hand, you can quickly check the number of stamps you need on online postage calculators. The one offered by the United States Postal Service ( is a good choice. If you are not sure of your mail’s weight, take it to your nearest post office. They will give you the details you need.

Yes, to find out how many stamps you need to paste on your letter or package can be a little challenging.

To get the calculation right, all you need to know are answers to the following questions:

  • What is the size of your letter or parcel?
  • What is the weight of your letter or parcel? (in grams or ounces)
  • What type of class does your mail belong to?
  • What is the recipient’s address?
  • How Many Sheets Per Stamp

How Many Stamps Do I Need to Send a Letter In The USA?

Check this simple table to know the ans of you que. “how many stamps do i need per oz”. For example, you will have to pay $0.55 for 1 ounce letter, then $0.15 will be added for every additional ounce.

Type of Letters Latest Rate Stamps You Need
3 oz. First Class Large Letter** $1.30 1 x 3 oz. Forever stamp & 3 x Additional Ounce stamp
2 oz. First Class Large Letter** $1.15 1 x 3 oz. Forever stamp & 2 x Additional Ounce stamp
1 oz. First Class Large Letter** $1.00 1 x 3 oz. Forever stamp & 1 x Additional Ounce stamp
3 oz. First Class Letter $0.85 1 x 3 oz. Forever stamp
2 oz. First Class Letter $0.70 1 x 2 oz. Forever stamp
1 oz. First Class Letter $0.55 1 x 1 oz. Forever stamp
Postcard $0.38 1 x Postcard stamp
First Class Letters additional ounces charge $0.15 Additional Ounce Stamp

All postage rates are effective from 27 January 2019, as checked on 30 April 2020.

When a letter exceeds these dimensions, it is considered a “large” envelope:

  • 6.125 inches of height (15.5cm)
  • 11.5 inches of width (29.2cm)
  • 0.25 inches of thickness (0.63cm)

A large letter shouldn’t go beyond these maximum size dimensions:

  • 12 inches of height (30.48cm)
  • 15 inches of length (38.1cm)
  • 0.75 inches of thickness (1.9cm)

How Many Stamps to Send a parcel to the USA?

percle to usa

Usually, it is quite difficult for you to post big letters or parcels in a postbox. So, you may want to take letters or parcel to a post office nearby, and ask them to dispatch it for you. However, you can check this yourself by clicking on the United States Postal Service Postage Calculator.

Here is how you can this online postage calculator

  • Enter all the relevant details in the right fields. These include:
    • Destination country of the parcel
    • Zip code of the sender’s country
    • Tick the relevant boxes to acknowledge the contents of your parcel (that may include live animals, one-day-old poultry, or any other dangerous materials)
  • What is the shipment type you want to use? You have to click one of the following to know the relevant price based on the size and weight of the shipment:
    • Flat Rate Postcard
    • Flat Rate Envelopes
    • Flat Rate Boxes
  • Now, the shipping charges will be displayed on the screen. If you want to compare all types of shipments’ prices, you can click on the “Display all options” button.
  • You can opt for additional features for your shipment, if you wish. This can include the following and many more:
    • Registered Post features
    • Certificate of Mailing
    • Insurance
  • Now, you will get to know the final shipping charges you need to pay.
  • If you didn’t choose the additional features mentioned above, you could quickly check the number of stamps needed to cover the shipping cost. However, if you have chosen extras, you need to get a shipping label printed on your shipment. While you can get this done at a post office, you may also click on this to print it yourself – USPS Click & Ship Page.

How Many Stamps to Send a Letter to Mexico?

To send a mail or letter to Mexico you need 3 stamps with total value of $1.20(1 oz). So buy 2 forever stamps and one .15 cents worth of postage stamps. Forever stamp price cost $0.58 in 2021.

You can also use First-Class International Mail, which will cost you $1.30. Maximum size: 6″ length x 4-1/4″ height.


How Many Stamps to Send Deliveries to the UK?

Parcle to uk

Mail Type & Weight Number Of Stamps Needed – 1st class Number Of Stamps Needed – 2nd class
Letter*  – 100g or less 1 1
Large Letter** 100g or less 2 2
Large Letter** 101g – 250g 2 3
Large Letter** 251g – 500g 3 3
Large Letter** 501g – 750g 4 4
Parcel*** 751g – 1000g 5 5
Parcel*** 1001g – 1250g 8 7
Parcel*** 1251g – 1500g 10 12
Parcel*** 1501g – 1750g 11 13
Parcel*** 1751g – 2000g 14 17
Parcel*** 2001g – 4000g 18 21

If the sender and receiver are based out of the UK, only flat postage charges apply, based on the shipment’s weight. From the below table, you can identify how many stamps you would need based on your letter’s weight.

  • If letters exceed dimensions of 24 x 16.5 x 0.5 (cm), they carry additional charges.
  • If large letters exceed dimensions of 35.3 x 25 (cm), they carry additional shipping charges.
  • If parcels exceed dimensions of 45 x 35 x 16 (cm), they carry additional charges.

Sending Deliveries to Canada?


If the value of stamps is equal to or greater than the letter’s actual shipping charges, it doesn’t matter how many stamps you use in the letter. Ideally, for a one-ounce letter, you use one stamp.

Additionally, you can also use the Forever Stamps (stamps that are authorized by the government) that are always sold at a flat rate of $0.49 each.

So, if the shipping charges for a letter from the USA to Canada works out to $1.47, you can use three of these Forever stamps to cover the postage charges. It is a good decision to approach a post office for stamping your letters than doing it yourself, as it is cheaper that way.

How many stamps do I need for a letter to Canada?

Letter Weight Stamps Needed If you just have Domestic Forever stamps
1 ounce ($1.20) 1 x Global Forever stamp 3x Domestic Forever stamps ($1.65)
2 ounces ($1.20) 1 x Global Forever stamp 3x Domestic Forever stamps ($1.65)
3 ounces ($1.69) 1x Global Forever stamp
1x 35¢ Postcard stamp
1x 10¢ stamp
2x 2¢ stamps ($1.69)
4x Domestic Forever stamps ($2.20)
3.5 ounces ($2.18) 1x Global Forever stamp,
1x Domestic Forever stamp,
1x 35¢ Postcard stamp,
1x 5¢ stamp,
1x 2¢ stamp,
1x 1¢ stamp (Total $2.18)
4x Domestic Forever stamps ($2.20)
4 ounces ($3.06) 2x Global Forever stamps,
1x Domestic Forever stamp,
1x 10¢ stamp,
1x 1¢ stamp ((Total $3.06)
6x Domestic Forever stamps ($3.30)
5 ounces ($3.28) 2x Global Forever stamps,
2x 15¢ Additional Ounce stamps,
1x Domestic Forever stamp,
1x 2¢ stamp,
1x 1¢ stamp (((Total $3.28)
6x Domestic Forever stamps ($3.30)

The Flat Rate Postcards, available at a fixed and flat rate of $1.15, is another option that the USPS offers to send deliveries to Canada. Designed in attractive colors for tourism purposes, these flat rate postcards (the only options that can be bought at a flat rate) can be used for sending deliveries to Canada and Mexico. The charges to these two countries are the same; however, the charges to other countries that involve air travel are quite high. The same delivery that costs $1.15 to Canada, would cost you around $2.25, when sent to Switzerland.

How Many First Class Postage Required?

The number of postage stamps required depends on the weight of a letter and the delivery method. Letters are generally 1-3 ounces. A one ounce letter required 1 first class stamp. Their price increased in January, 2019 and now it costs $0.55. You have to pay a charge of $0.15 for every additional ounce. Hence, a 2 ounce letter will cost you around 70 cents and for a 3 ounce letter you will have to pay $0.85. Instead of buying multiple stamps, you can also buy a single stamp of $0.70 for 2 ounce letter and $0.85 stamp for 3 ounce letter. Some people know how much their stamp will cost and they directly buy a stamp but some people just add one by one to figure out the number of stamps they require, either way it will cover the cost.

How many Postage for a Parcel or Postcards?

Are you mailing a parcel instead of a letter? Let’s see how many stamps you need for this. For a standard sized postcard, it costs $0.35 while for postcards larger than 6” x 4 ¼ sizes you can use the first class stamp of $0.55.   You will know more about these scenarios in one of the following sections, “Types of Envelopes”. When you have to post odd-shaped envelopes or bulky envelopes, you can visit the nearest post office. The officers there will help you determine the charges for your letter or parcel. Go with their knowledge instead of going with your guess. But the most important thing is that you know about forever stamps.

Forever Stamps remain of the price no matter what the current price of First-Class stamp. Even if the stamps have gone up you can still use these forever stamps which you bought last year. One can buy both types of forever stamps i.e. Domestic and Global Forever Stamps. The other stamps including Forever Stamps generally don’t expire.  The golden rule for Forever Stamps is that they are legitimate for as long as they are valid. Despite the increase in prices, these forever stamps remain unaffected. As long as they are valid, you can use them, despite their age.

How many Stamps for Large Flat Envelopes and Small Packages?

What if you have packed small packages or large flat envelopes to post? You can also post them easily. A large flat envelope which is 12 to 15 inches and weighs around 13 ounces, one will have to pay only $1.00 in first class mail. Any large envelope which is less than 13 ounce in weight will be cost as per the small package prices. For every small package that weighs up to 5.99 ounces, the sender will have to pay $2.66 in first class. But the packages which weigh more than 5.99 ounces need to upgrade from first class to Priority Mail or Priority Express Mail.

What Does Paper Weigh?

A single sheet of notebook or the printer sheet is around 0.16 ounces. So it is interesting to note that you can mail the four pages of notebook or printer sheet along with the envelope in just one First Class Stamp. It completely depends on the weight of the paper;  you can mail up to 5 papers with First Class stamps But if you are sending some paperwork which consists of papers more than that then there will be an additional charge for every once i.e. $0.15.

That’s what you need to know before mailing a package. We hope that you gather all the required information. From types of stamps to criteria of calculating the number of stamps you require to the price you will need to pay, we have tried to cover everything up.

Happy Mailing!

Wait, We have already mentioned about Where to Buy Stamps in our online guide so don’t forget to check this if you need help.

How many stamps do you need? [A Summary]

Check how many postage stamps you need depending on the type of letter or package you are sending.

  1. For a standard letter: If a person is mailing a standard letter then one Forever Stamp or one First class stamp needs to stick at the top right corner of the envelope. The number of stamps required depends on the size and weight of the letter. If the size of the letter you want to post is standard then using one Forever stamp will be enough for mailing it in any part of the US.
  2. For a package: For all the packages which weigh less than 12 ounces, postage stamps are enough. If the package weighs more than 12 ounces, you have to measure the size and dimensions of the package to calculate the charges. The origin and destination country of the shipment  also play a vital role in arriving at the final postage charges. Usually, for the first three ounces of any package the cost is $2.66.
  3. For a 9 by 12 envelope: The type of envelope also plays a role in deciding the price of the stamp. Postal services accept letters of standard dimensions of 9 x 12. Sticking a stamp on the letter makes it easy for you to get proper postal services.But for customers who have to mail envelopes larger than the standard size have to pay $1.00 for first ounce and $0.21 for all the additional ounces.
  4. For a large envelope: For mailing a one-ounce legal size envelope, two Forever Stamps are sufficient to mail.  For every additional ounce and extra day, you need to pay $0.50 and $0.21 respectively.  You can use large envelopes, known as Flats, if you want to mail sheaves of paper and photos, too.
  5. For a USPS Postage: The United States Postal Service, USPS in short, is the department that takes care of all the work related to mailing letters and packages. They take care of the whole process of mailing. From sorting mails to supplying the essentials required for mailing. The price of these USPS postage stamps varies based on the type of event. Their minimum charge is $0.5 for one ounce.
  6. For a manila envelope: You need to pay $1.00 for the first ounce of large envelopes, also known as Manila Envelopes. For every additional ounce, you need to pay extra charges of $0.21. If you want to use forever stamps then you will require two Forever stamps for the manila envelope.
  7. For international mail:  You can use Global Forever Stamps when you want to mail postcards around the world. You can use these postage to send one-ounce letters to any destination in the world. These stamps are available in the local post offices near you. If you are mailing a post from the United States then the international first class mail will cost you $1.15 for each Global forever stamp but currently the price is $0.50. Therefore, you can make calculations on how many stamps you require based on what you are mailing and the cost of the forever stamp.
  8. Per ounce: The weight of the letter or parcel decides the number of stamps that you need to affix on it. If you are the sender, you need to weigh the package properly, especially, if it is more than one ounce. This will keep hindrances away. It will also ensure that your letter or parcel reaches the destination properly. A slight error in affixing postage can cause the letter to come back to you without reaching the original destination. The postal department would mark “lack of postage” as the reason for the return. Forever Stamps are excellent choices, if you want to mail a one-ounce, standard letter within your country.

The question still remains: how many stamps do we need? Well, now you have a rough idea about the working of stamps and how many stamps you require for mailing a letter. Weight and Dimensions are the most important parameters for mailing. Hence, there are strict rules to pay the postage stamps according to these parameters.  You will get back the mail in your address, if you fail to do this.

If you don’t measure your heavy parcels properly, you might get them delivered back to your address.To avoid such incontinence, we suggest you to carefully measure the parcel before mailing it.  Regardless of the size of the parcel, you can be sure that your parcel will reach the right destination, if you pay the postage charges properly.

About Postage Stamps

The markets sell various kinds of stamps today. Postage stamps price depends on the item which you want to mail.  The postage charges depend on the weight, height and dimensions of your shipment. For the general public the huge variety of stamps are available in the market. Everyone can choose as per their item and need.

Below we have mentioned everything you need to know About stamps.

In general language, we know postage stamps as just “stamps”. Stamp is a tiny paper issue by the post office, postal administration or any other authorized postage stamp vendor following the rules and regulations of the government. The sender of the mail has to pay an amount to the seller which covers the cost of moving, insuring and registering the mail.

Then you need to fix the postage stamp on the face of the mail or on the cover, near the address. After this, the postal officials start the process. They provide a postal mark which states the date and origin of the mail on the stamp.   This mark eliminates issues, such as reuse or misuse of mails. After this process, the mail reaches the recipient, whose address you have written on the package.

All postage stamps contain the following information:

  • Country of issue
  • Illustration of people
  • Events
  • Natural Realities
  • Institutions
  • Other landmarks that bear important symbols of the country of its issue, and the relevant currency

There is no fixed shape of postage stamps. It may vary but at this time it is rectangular in shape. Sometimes they are triangular, square etc. People can also customize stamps as per their requirement but it depends on the issuing post office.

Kinds of Postage Available in the Market

There are numerous kinds of stamps available in the market. We have come up with a list of every possible type of postage stamp.

  • Airmail Stamp: You can make payment of animal services with this postage.
  • Booklet Stamp: These postage are produced and also issues only in booklet format. The makers make these in booklet formats only. You can also buy them in this format only.
  • Carriers Stamp: You can use these postage when you want to deliver a mail directly.
  • Certified mail: This kind of mailing provides a mailing proof to send in a receipt form.
  • Coil Stamps-tear-off Stamps: A vending machine issues these postage .
  • Commemorative Stamp: Available only for a limited time, these postage honor a particular person.
  • Computer vended postage: These are advanced and secure postage. These postage belong to the advanced and secure category.
  • Definitive Stamps: These postage are for everyday use.
  • Express mail: These are specialized postage for delivery. If you are looking for specialized stamps for delivery, these are great choices.
  • Local Post: You can use these postage to send a local post.
  • Make up stamp: These postage are of small value and they make a real difference when postage stamp rates increase.
  • Military Stamp: Special postal systems use these postage for military force of a nation.
  • Mini sheet: These are commemorative postage and consist of different number of postage .
  • Newspaper stamp: You can use this stamp to pay the price of mailing newspapers and other periodicals.
  • Official mail Stamp: Governments of countries issue these postage for government agencies.
  • Occupation stamp: Civilians can use these postage .
  • Non-denominated postage: The price of these postage remains the same even if the price of postage stamp increases.
  • Overprint Stamp: Regular stamp is usually commemorative stamp or definitive when these are changed by ‘printing over’ portion of the stamp after getting issued.When you print over a portion of a commemorative or definite stamp, after it is issue, it becomes a regular stamp.
  • Perforated Stamp: Perforated postage are those postage that have perforations, called perfins, around them.
  • Personalized Stamps: Senders choose the design of these postage. They can also add their favorite pictures on these stamps to personalize them.
  • Pneumatic Stamps: You can use these postage to send items that use pressurized air tubes. Currently, only Italy makes these stamps.
  • Postage Currency: You can use these as currency instead of postage.
  • Postage due: These postage show unpaid postage charges.
  • Postal tax: You can use these postage to show that you have done the payment of tax above the postage rates.
  • Self-adhesive Stamps: These postage are self-sticking.
  • Semi-postal: You need to pay extra charges for a charity , when you use semi-postal postage or charity postage.
  • Souvenir Sheet: These postage contain perforated or imperforated stamps as their designs.
  • Specimen Stamp: You can send these postage to postal officials to identify if the postage are valid or forged.
  • Test Stamp: You can use these postage for scanning and machine-testing purposes.
  • Variable value stamps: The price of these postage varies, when different machines issue them.
  • War tax stamps: These are tax postage which provide the money of the cost of war.
  • Water activated stamp: Moisture helps to stick these postage on the letters or parcels.

So these were the different kinds of postage available in the market for use. But the question still remains the same: how many stamps a regular person requires? A person will surely not require all the stamps we have mentioned above. All postage have their sub-genres and their usage varies on the basis of the type of item you are mailing. Also their cost differs due to the same reason. Hence, here we are to provide you with the knowledge of how many stamps you will require over the period of time on different kinds of occasions.

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    1. Generally speaking, you can mail 4 to 6 pages of regular paper, plus an envelope, for the regular first class (“one stamp”) rate. You have to calculate weight of your 7 pages to get the right result. I have shared step on how to use online usps postage calculator in article. please check.

    1. It would costs you $1.60 to send a letter to Germany from USA. You have to use Forever Stamps for international mail that total $1.60.

    1. Bubble mailer are the first class package because of their size. A 6” x 9” envelope weighing up to 1 ounce requires one $0.50 USPS First Class rate stamp.

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