Does Walmart Sell Stamps in Stores? 2022 Updates

Yes, Walmart sell Forever and First class USPS postage stamps at their stores.

You can buy them from Walmart’s online stores, or you can get help from the customer service desk located inside Walmart stores for the same.

You can find stamps at the Walmart Money Centre.

We will give you more details about where to buy stamps in the coming sections keep reading.

Price of the stamps at Walmart stores

At Walmart, the price of the stamps remains the same as declared by the USPS. The price will eventually depend on the number and type of stamps you are buying. Forever stamps, for example, are priced at 60 cents per piece, equaling the price of first-class mails. You can buy a book of forever stamps at Walmart at $12. A book contains 20 forever stamps.

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How much does the letter or parcel weigh? Which destination is it being sent to? The answer to these two questions will determine the postage charges of your letter/shipment/parcel. Always buy the exact number of stamps after double-checking the postage charges properly. This will ensure that you don’t overpay or underpay the postage charges.

We found that buying a book of forever stamps at Walmart simplified the entire process. As their name indicates, these stamps are denomination-free, and can cover the postage charges for letters that fall under certain weight limits. The final amount you pay for the stamps depends on the type of stamps you buy and the number of stamps you buy from the shop.

Where to buy stamps at Walmart Stores?

Walmart store main entrance

Many folks are searching for can you buy books of stamps at Walmart? or where in Walmart store I get stamps?

Here is the answer:

The customer service desk inside the Walmart stores or the Walmart Money Center helps you to buy stamps of your choice. However, their hours of operation are lesser when compared to the usual store timing. They are mostly open from 9 AM to 7 PM, or 8PM, in certain areas. These hours may vary according to the location of the stores.

How many Stamps I Can Buy At A Time?

Usually, at Walmart stores, you can buy postage stamps as a booklet of 20 stamps. if you want to buy a roll or a coil of 100 or more stamps than the best place to buy them is the Walmart online store.

The Walmart Money Centers, which are located at the front of the store, sell all types of postage stamps issued by the USPS. They also sell cash checks and money orders for the benefit of customers. A book of forever postage stamps is priced at $12 at these outlets because one postage stamp is priced at 60 cents.

How Can I Pay for Stamps at Walmart?

You can buy postage stamps by using your credit card, debit card, or cash. You can use any credit or debit card, or cash while buying stamps at Walmart’s customer service desk. When you are buying stamp from the online store, you can pay using Walmart wallet, Gift Card, Benefits Card, Credit card, Debit card, & Paypal.

How to buy stamps from online Walmart stores?

If you are looking for a wide range of stamps to shop from, you can visit Walmart’s website. You can find many stamps such as souvenir stamps, postcard stamps and more here. You can buy coils of 100 stamps each. However, we must inform you that third-party retailers sell some of these stamps, and not all are 100% Walmart-sold.

You can pay through various modes when you shop for stamps online or on Walmart App – debit cards, credit cards, gift cards, PayPal, Amex Express Checkout, Chase Pay and more. You need to pay shipping charges as well; these will vary based on the seller’s conditions and the stamp quantity you are buying. If you want to pick up the stamps from the store, you can use the free in-store pickup service.

Are you not able to find any Walmart store near you? You can check our site for more articles on where you can buy stamps near you, and how to find stamp shops on a Sunday.

How to locate a Walmart store?

We all know that Walmart is one of the best places to shop for postage stamps. However, don’t worry if you are not able to find out any Walmart store near you. All you need to do is visit the store’s official website, and click on the option, store locator. Please key-in your zip code and city details here, and you will get a list of stores near you within seconds!

Now that the tool helped you locate a store, all you need to do is head to the one closest to your area and shop for your favorite stamps from there without any hassles.

Do Walmart Postage Stamps Expire?

No! as the name suggest the “Forever stamps” never expire irrespective of from where you have brought them. Read more on Do Stamps Expire?

Other Place where you can buy postage stamps


Here are some important takeaways for you from our article. You can buy postage stamps from Walmart Money Centers or the customer service desk located inside the store. You can also buy them from online Walmart stores.

You will receive the stamps within 2 days, when you buy online. You can buy a coil of 100 stamps when buying online, or a book of 20 stamps when buying from the stores. The stamps are available here at the standard rates, and Walmart doesn’t offer any discounts on these stamps.


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    1. Yes, Tyler. Postage stamps are also available on few Walmart self checkout store but not everywhere. Please call your nearest Walmart self-checkout store before you go.

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